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About Us

 NINGBO LONGTERM CONTROL CO.,LTD. is specialized in R&D and manufacturing electric sensors,thermostat,potentiometers,PCBA,transformers,and also operates mold hardware business.We've been always pursuing technology innovation,create green and intelligent life,so that we're expert of high quality with cost-effective potentiometers and sensors for almost half a century,and our registered trademark "LONGTERM" is a national famous brand.

 NINGBO LONGTERM CONTROL develops products and solutions with experienced competence in the field of thermal control technology for Household appliances,HVAC applications and Automotive.


  We focus on innovative technology,simplicity and modularity in product design,practical solutions development and automated manufacturing.Our components features stringent process controls and quality testing,along with all major certifications and environmental safety compliance.


  We are committed to business continuity and partnership.Customer-oriented thinking and customer value creation are always the basis of our actions. In this regard we will continuously provide advice and assistance to your worldwide-from idea,to concept,wo series production.